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Pineapple Cove Apartments
1010 NW Fresco Way
Jensen Beach, FL
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you will be sad if you move here.

Date: 06/12/12
Reviewed By: Anonymous
this complex is not for families. some of the older folks treat the children like they are crminals. the appliances are old, and will suck out your energy costs! the washer and dryer are at least 10 years old, the stove older, and the dishwashers are non efficient or actually clean dishes. we just moved in last month, and wish we could leave. not to mention the way i see some neighbors who have no place to park when they come home because of the way pakring is. several people moved in next door all young people and they have sex on the balcony, and my child room is right downstairs from them. the office doesn't care, they just want your money. $1300 a month is way to much to pay for this place, and it's not child or pet friendly like they say they are. the children have no where to play and notices are posted that they cannot play in front of the buildings but in a grassy area full of snakes and wild life? how is that safe for our children? each person pays a different price for rent for the same apartment, how is this possible? we pay $1300, and the lady downstairs pays $1100? This complex needs to get its act together.our neighbors are sad as well because they lost their job and are being threatened to be evicted and are only late with rent 2 days today. not nice, and the new girl in the office has no heart when this family went to her and let her know they had no job the company shut down a few weeks ago and she said tough luck. don't move here, it's not a nice place unless you are an old geezer.

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