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Avalon Fashion Valley Apartments
7084 Friars Road
San Diego, CA
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Warning on Complex

Date: 06/12/12
Reviewed By: Anonymous
I have lived here 6 months and have had bicycle parts stolen off my locked bike in bike storage, (they say bikes aren't allowed in elevators yet there are no cameras anywhere in building) I have made numerous calls to police for noise from neighbors music all night and final straw was finding my glass shattered in car and everything stolen inside overnight. Breaking my lease to get out. NOT A SECURED BUILDING LIKE THEY ADVERTISE. Staff has no clue as to what's going on and doesn't care. Their only response is a letter to make sure you lock your car and hide belongings. They take no steps to install cameras or improve security. Yes if you pay $2,400 a month and can live on the top floor with all the upgrades, yes I'm sure their nice. other floors have the cheapest of cheap black appliances that are old and not energy efficient. The elevators are even older. IT takes forever to get on an elevator and even longer to get to your floor. Trash accumulates in the trash room and when the staff is gone Sundays and Mondays, it will sit there for two days piling up and stinking up the whole area, causing ants. This place is not safe, secure, quiet, or clean. There are plenty of apartments in this area that are much better and cleaner

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