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Finding the right place to live involves lots more than just doing a tour of the premises and filling out a bunch of forms. It’s not uncommon for apartment hunters who are in a hurry to wish after they have moved into a dwelling they do not like, that they had done more research. Apartment reviews and Apartment ratings are absolutely essential to you getting the inside story about a prospective building as well as the neighborhood it’s in. Haste makes waste. Hearing what people who currently live in the apartment building you’re considering moving into have to say about it, is an invaluable part of the process of finding what you’re looking for and not making a mystery move. Expert advice is not what you need in this case. Apartment reviews and Apartment ratings come from real people who share their real experiences and opinions about their buildings. Being able to access genuine feedback on what it’s like to live inside life in a building, enables you to make an educated decision and leave no stones unturned before you do. Apartment ratings and reviews give you the scoop on everything from how quickly repairs are done to the level of noise to the types of neighbors you’ll have. It would be great if these things could be ascertained in a walk through, but most of the time, they’re not. It could take weeks to months after you’ve already moved in, to realize you’re not happy. It’s only by reading the reviews of former or current tenants that you can acquire the confidence you need to know you’re spending your hard earned money wisely.

Apartment reviews allow you to tap into the truth about a building that landlords and brokers don’t share. Spending ten minutes in an empty unit that’s just been freshly painted and cleaned, can be misleading. During quick visits, infestation problems are not easy to detect, though they may actually be a problem. On a random visit to a building, it may seem safe. Apartment reviews give you the lowdown on if it is actually is since recommendations from real people can be trusted. Apartment reviews are the closest you can get to being part of a community of others with shared interests and concerns and to use the knowledge they share to make your decision about where to move. The less guess work that’s involved in selecting your next apartment, the better. There’s nothing worse than finding out that your new nearby local school is sub par or that the machines in the laundry room of your new dwelling, are often broken. Landlords, brokers and agents are motivated by profit when they discuss a property with you. Reviewers on our site are real people, however, with no ulterior motive to sell you anything and are just spreading the word. Apartment reviews make the unknown transparent and are the best tool an apartment hunter can use to avoid making the wrong move because everyone knows the brief blurbs describing apartment vacancies listed in newspapers and all over the internet are actually created to give you a positive impression of an apartment -- whether it is nice or not.

Apartment ratings are helpful data that bring your apartment search into greater focus. There’s nothing more overwhelming than visiting multiple potential places to live and feeling pressured to quickly decide which is best. What matters most is not always only what meets the eye. An informed decision is one that can be made with enthusiasm because when you feel certain about what’s going to happen next, you know you can relax and take a deep breath. Ratings are a tool that help you to assess the bigger picture. The quality of life in a building or its surrounding area cannot be adequately understood by reading marketing material about it or speaking to its owner. If you’re hoping to get a real perspective on the culture and day to day environment you’re about to become a part of, there’s nothing better than knowing a building’s ratings. Reading Apartment  ratings helps you to cut through the spin and get down to the bottom of things. Why wait to find out how long it takes for the super to remove snow in the winter, until after you move in? Ratings are what you need to be sure that an apartment is going to be a good match for your personality and needs. Gathering information from a million different sources isn’t possible. It’s too time consuming. Ratings simplify your life by providing you with a broad range of information in a user friendly format. The best thing is that they’re generated from information provided by real people just like you whose opinions you can really relate to.

Looking for an apartment to rent was once a daunting task, particularly for new residents to the area. Spending long hours driving and looking for properties, comparing prices and amenities took time and often resulted in frustration. Today it's easier to find an ideal new home with the help of our apartment review website. Detailed information about available properties in specific regions of the U.S. is continually available. Maps and photographs of the buildings give potential tenants a starting point for their search. If the apartment proves appealing, application forms, rent and lease terms and all the information needed to move in can be easily located. But before committing to a potential property, checking apartment reviews will prevent making costly mistakes.

The Advantage of Using Apartment Reviews

Using the information provided through an apartment review site before selecting a rental saves time and money. Moving is a stressful experience for the entire family. Many changes in our life situations require the need to quickly find a new place to live. We may be facing a move due to job relocation, a change in marital status or just wanting to experience a new area. By reviewing potential rental properties first, the expense and stress involved with relocating are greatly reduced.

Both the tenant and the property owner have the option to approve a potential agreement. Selecting the wrong apartment wastes everyone's time. By reviewing suitable properties and eliminating those that are either unaffordable or undesirable, the transition is much easier.

What to Look for Before Signing the Contract ?

Location: When choosing a new place to live, the location can be confusing to anyone unfamiliar with the area. Things to consider before renting include close proximity to a job or available transportation for commuters, school districts if children are involved, shopping availability and convenience.

Price: Always make sure that the property is affordable before renting. Consider the cost of utilities and ask about provided services. It's better to choose a lesser home and have a little extra cash for unexpected expenses.

Suitable for families or adults only: If children will be living in the apartment, make sure that there are safe playgrounds and be cautious about hazards such as pools and spas. Older children may enjoy living where tennis or basketball courts are available. For adults, consider fitness centers and social gathering rooms.

Are pets allowed: Some rentals will allow pets but charge an additional monthly fee. Others specify no pets or allow only small breeds.

Month to month rental contract or yearly lease: Depending on individual situations, signing a full year's lease may not be suitable. Some building owners allow month to month rentals while others offer six month lease terms. Consider how long this home will be used.